On a Path to Success
A Look Ahead at my Goals


I'm working toward obtaining my Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer degree at Lane Community College.  My current goal is to complete the five classes that I am taking this current winter term with as close to an A average as possible.  I usually take three classes per term so this has been a challenge for me that I am persevering.  I am currently taking Women's Health, Women and Work, WR121_H, the honors Aquatic Science class, and Statistics.

I plan on taking 5 classes once again next term as I want to graduate and transfer to a University by this fall 2022 term.


  As a transfer student.  

My goal to transfer this fall 2022 ties into the number of scholarships that I have applied for that begin fall 2022 for transfer students in particular.  I have worked very diligently to apply for scholarships that appear to be the best match for me personally.  I have already applied for over 8 scholarships since December and I have a goal of completing 3 more scholarship applications before their given due dates.  This potential financial assistance will make the difference between being provided an opportunity to utilize my full potential toward my college career or I will be forced to work more which will take away from my college studies.  I am very grateful for these potential opportunities.


I'm currently actively working on my goals to improve the ILOs Create and Apply.  Lane Community College's Institutional Learning Outcomes.

This class in particular is helping me grow more creatively and has me tapping into a whole new level of creativity.

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