Presenting my Best Self

It is important to me to present my best self and to use as close to my full potential as possible.  Receiving financial aid and scholarships help to allow me to continue my studies with my full potential.  Without this financial support I will be forced to work more, which will take my main focus away from my college career.  I am determined to complete my college journey.


  • All Oregon Academic Team

  • Phi Theta Kappa, Sigma Zeta Chapter

  • Lane Honors Program


$4,500  “Member-at-Large “Dave D’Avanzo” Memorial Community Scholarship” to attend Lane Community College (Provided by Lane Electric)



PTK Edge online classes

Volunteer Experience

On Campus

Volunteer Experience

*Kaiser Permanente,

Patient Partner Volunteer


*Kaiser Permanente,

Eugene Advisory Council

Projects on Campus

Working through the work-study program as a Gender Equity Ambassador in the Gender Equity Center at LCC.

"Tea in the Tent"

Assisted with providing hot beverages and snacks to students to brighten their days and inform them about the Gender Equity Center.

AllMatters Menstrual Cups

The purpose of  the project was to bring more awareness to more sustainable menstrual products.  Students were offered one complimentary cup that lasts up to one year.  I was the main contact for this project.

Giving Wall

Assisted with a project that provided gifts to the children of student families in need.

Promoting Safe Sex Equity 

I headed the project in connecting with Planned Parenthood to be able to provide dental dams in the same way we provide condoms in the Gender Equity Center to promote safe sex.

Women in Transition Program

I assist with promoting this program and helping students through the enrollment process.

Letters of recommendation

From Professors

From Employers


Scholarship essays

Work Experience