Melony Ann Lyon Burnett  

  Student, Lane Community College  


A bit about me.

Your life is what you make of it so make the most of it!

I am currently a student at Lane Community College, in my second year planning to transfer to a University this fall 2022.  I plan on graduating with a Bachelor's of Science degree within another two years, then finally work toward my Graduate Degree.  I am a non-traditional student majoring in Psychology.  I believe that the combination of my life experience and college education will lead me to providing counseling services to my future clients at the best of my ability.  I'm leaning toward a main focus in helping women with what are categorized as "women's issues" (which in my opinion should be reworded) and to be a support for the LGBTQA+ Community.  I have the type of personality that won't quit.  I am already imagining that once I begin my future career I will continue seeking out research and ways to learn more about improvements that I can make on behalf of my clients.  As well as continue with my own personal growth so I may be my best self toward others.

I want to be able to assist others through their personal growth on their own individual journey.  When people make positive changes within their lives and continue with personal growth they reflect positively toward those around them.  This positive reflection would continue upon friends, family, colleagues, life partners, children and more.  Even complete strangers, a random conversation, a simple hello with a smile stemmed from one feeling better about themselves!  There are so very many ways that we as humans connect with one another and I want to be a part of the bigger picture in making a difference.

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